Parents enrolling a child for the first time in an Indiana school are asked to complete a Home Language Survey. If the survey indicates a native language other than English, a placement test will be given to determine if English language services are needed. Home Language Surveys and assessments from previous Indiana schools will be accepted when a child enrolls in SCSC. SCSC uses the WIDA ACCESS or W-APT to measure a student’s English abilities in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. If a student scores below a 5.0 on this assessment, they are identified as an English learner and placed in a program to help him/her attain English proficiency.

Individual Learning Plan

Once a student is identified as an English learner, an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) will be developed based on assessment data. Parents will receive written notification, in their native language when possible, of all assessment results and service placements.

Support for English Language Learners

Teachers and assistants provide support to students using the Sheltered English model. Sheltered English is an instructional approach used to make academic instruction in English understandable to English learners. In the sheltered classroom, teachers use physical activities, visual aids, and the environment to teach vocabulary for concept development in mathematics, science, social studies, and other subjects.

Annual English Proficiency Assessment

Students will be assessed annually to monitor their English proficiency. In order to exit the English language development program, a student must obtain an overall, composite score of 5.0 on the WIDA ACCESS. After exiting from the program, the student’s academic progress will continue to be monitored for two years. While the rate of attaining English language proficiency varies greatly from student to student, research has shown that it typically takes 3-7 years to attain English proficiency and exit from English language development services. Indiana’s expected rate of graduation is currently 90%.


If you have any questions regarding the EL program at SCSC, you may contact Ms. Danielle Mitchell, EL/HA Coordinator at