Silver Creek Elementary's Mission Statement

At Silver Creek Elementary, we work collaboratively and intentionally to be student-driven.

Silver Creek Elementary's Collective Commitments

Silver Creek Elementary Staff Commits that all students will receive:

  • SCE staff actively builds relationships with students to ensure they feel loved and their needs are met so they can learn.
  • SCE staff supports each other for the betterment of everyone by being collaborative and building relationships through communication.
  • SCE staff meets students where they are and gives them what they need to move forward.
  • SCE staff believes in modeling appropriate social interactions to create mutual respect and build positive relationships.
  • SCE staff promises to have effective communication with students and parents.
  • SCE staff believes in providing positive reinforcement and praise to encourage accountability and responsibility for both academics and behavior.
  • SCE staff will utilize purposeful professional learning community conversations to collaborate and be intentional in planning and data use.
Silver Creek School Corporation Values
  • RESPECT: SCSC stakeholders will value and treat ALL individuals with dignity, courtesy, and respect.
  • EXCELLENCE: SCSC stakeholders are committed to providing an exemplary education where all students excel academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • INTEGRITY: SCSC stakeholders will uphold honesty and demonstrate high moral principles through their actions.